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By toll free we mean, the fee will be charged on the ones that own it, not on ones who use it. Toll free numbers can be used for unlimited times, and the fees will be charged on the proprietor of the toll free number.

Toll Free

Attending calls with an International Toll Free Number:

It gets easier for global clients to reach you through the international toll free numbers. Regardless of wherever they are – across the globe or across the country – your clients can effortlessly contact you, just like you are sitting next door. With the international toll free numbers your clients will be able to connect with you at no cost, and their calls can be routed through any of your existing phone lines, which includes PBX systems, office phones and cell phones.
You can get an international toll free number for any country you choose, living in whichever country worldwide and enabling your international clients reach your business by calling a local toll free number.

How do they work?

If you have a high speed connection, we can forward the calls to any IP, PBX phone or VoIP device systems with SIP support which is connected to your internet connection. As you configure your device with your VoIP account, you will be charged the preset fees.