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Solar Power

Aadishesh MMS /SMS gateway is said to be the most configurable and powerful, protocol converter and message router. It offers connectivity between applications, MMSC / SMSC and other messaging units. It primarily targets aggregators / service providers, operators and supports well over four thousand and above transactions per second over several connectors.

Solar Power

Aadishesh SMS Gateway offers a very efficient platform, multi-threaded platform delivering impressive performance, ensuring cost efficiency and reliability.

Application Areas

  • Sending SMS using an e-mail, enabling the recipient to answer the reply simply and getting the message back in the mail Inbox.
  • Converting clearly from and to different protocols at the peak performance
  • Protocol converter
  • Connect application to multiple SMSC using advanced routing
  • SMS gateway

Configuration and Integration

In many different ways, SMS gateway integrates with external applications and entities including back-ends and plus-ins APIs.

  • Virtual connectors for efficient configuration
  • Command line utilities for getting connection status and for sending messages
  • APIs for JAVA, PHP and RUBY


  • OTA
  • SMTP
  • OIS
  • EMI/ UCP
  • SMPP 3.3 / SMPP 3.4 / SMPP 5
  • Highly configurable to handle protocol variations
  • Executable back ends
  • MM7
  • Configurable source port
  • Asynchronous operation / windowing
  • Outbound load balancing and fail-over
  • Configurable idle timeout
  • Configurable keep alives
  • Static connections
  • Support for direct TCP / IP connections and GSM modems
  • Handles multiple 200 and above simultaneous connections
  • Soaring performance (up to 4000 TPS)
  • Manual or automatic TON / NPI settings
  • Mappings for altering message content
  • Concatenated messages (up to 1000 characters)
  • Transparent user data header (UDH) support
  • UTF-8 and MIME support for email messages
  • Multiple SMS characters sets (7-bit, UCS2 / Unicode, 8 bits)
  • Supports all types of messages (MMS, EMS, ringtones, OTA, WAP push, binary, text)
  • Buffered status handling
  • Full support for handling and generating delivery reports
  • Message credits handling
  • Source address translation (SAT) map replies to original message
  • Keyword session support
  • Queue priority and Message priority
  • Customizable retry schemes
  • Flexible address rewriting (including reg. exp support)
  • Message throttling per connector and per user
  • Custom routing via plug-in
  • Concatenated message routing
  • User-specific routing tables
  • Message keyword routing
  • Based on MSISDN / source and destination address
  • Server-wide or per connector
  • SNMP support via EMG SNMP agent
  • Database logging and statistics
  • Log file rotation based on size and time
  • PDU logging
  • Configurable log levels
  • SMTP relay control
  • SSL support
  • Blacklist / white list
  • Limit account access on IP ranges
  • Authentication (username / password, SMTP AUTH, HTTP basic auth)
  • Delivery reports via e-mail
  • Threaded conversations using SAT
  • Email pass-through
  • MX lookups
  • UTF-8 > UCS 2 conversation
  • Bidirectional email to / from SMS gateway