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SMS messaging is said to be an affordable mechanism to communicate with clients; however, people travel out of their home network, change their numbers and even change service providers while retaining their original mobile numbers. Keeping track of this is demanding for a business and can lead to misplaced SMS costs and a reduced return on investment (ROI).


The HLR (Home Location Register) lookup from Aadishesh is a service by which users can check the status of any cell number in the world. In fact, with this service, you can examine why a submission to a phone number has failed, or on awaiting state. You may also check which operator a phone number belongs to. As you are aware, one cannot be sure which network a mobile number belongs to, since people often change the operator but retain their number.


SMS campaigns may be created to provide a specific time period, or to reach a target market in a particular region. It is probable that a customer could be off network, or in a meeting. Knowing the numbers available for sending in advance can considerably reduce the costs of an SMS marketing campaign. The relevant mobile numbers home network can be connected with our HLR lookup service and can identify whether the subscribers handset is roaming on another network, presently active or is disabled. In addition, with the increased use of MNP (Mobile Number Portability), subscribers are more than ever switching careers yet holding on to their actual numbers. HLR lookup provides accurate information. Resellers, enterprises and other businesses that have a requirement to ensure that messages or campaigns are immediately and accurately delivered can rapidly validate and lessens messaging costs. Additional utilities for HLR lookups is to “clean up” and re-validate existing mobile databases that are reserved by the companies.


  • Can be used along with other services
  • Service accessibility and guaranteed quality of service (QoS)
  • Technical support for 24/7/365
  • Expand service coverage and improves revenue margins
  • To fit particular market trends and requirements, tailored HLR lookup packages
  • Optimize billing and charging
  • By optimizing message routing, avoid interworking fees and MNP issues
  • Improve messaging accuracy and save costs