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With Aadishesh at your beck and call, sending a text message is efficient, reliable and simple. We effortlessly convert your emails into text messages and deliver them over the cloud!

Email to SMS

The procedure forwards emails to SMS, so you can receive important email alerts when you’re on the move. A special mailbox for your email alerts and the address mapped to your mobile device is created. All emails sent to this address will appear on your phone as text messages. You can as well create a comprehensive alert service and forward email to mobile devices held by partners and employees. Email to SMS is probably the easiest way to add SMS send or receive functions to your software. You only have to prepare the email in your chosen programming language, address it to phone numbers and you’re done. You can send messages 24 hours a day, by default. But it may be wise to hold your messages at night. If you hold them back between 22:00 to 08:00, they will then be delivered immediately after 08:00. You can change this setting in the email to SMS control panel.


  • Maximize cost effectiveness by setting limits on how many SMS alerts should be generated per email.
  • Get urgent email and information to text alerts on the go.
  • Simply by using your email address, you can use all your favorite alerting services. Alert entire groups easily and quickly with a single email to text message.
  • Can be sent to multiple recipients : By separating the numbers with a comma, messages can be sent just like you would send a normal email.
  • Normally in the SMS, there is no need to send email footers and signatures. We take care of that and remove unwanted content mechanically.
  • Receive SMS replies as emails : All replies will arrive as emails. In this way, you will have a conversation directly through email.
  • Monitor the sent messages : On the website, you can access your sent message delivery notes and history.
  • Grants access to the whole company : You can share your account credit by giving your entire team access to email to SMS.
  • Messages can be sent in all languages : Messages can be sent in Greek, Asian, Cyrillic, and Arabic character set without worrying about the conversation.