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Outbound dialer (OBD) or voice SMS is a technology that automates bulk voice calls to telephone/mobile users and playing pre-recorded messages. Voice calls allow you to communicate with your clients by calling on their mobile numbers anywhere in India.

Bulk Voice

Voice SMS from Aadishesh assists you to interact with your clients by calling on their mobile numbers, with a pre-recorded voice message through an entirely automatic online system. No manual dialer or operator is required to process the call because voice calls are a totally automated process over the cloud. Once the system is set with your contact list and pre-recorded through our user friendly online control panel, then our voice message system will initiate calling the recipient and play your pre-recorded voice message.

Voice SMS or bulk voice call campaigns are widely used for voter registrations, vote reminders, announcements, marketing products and services, event notifications, lead generation, fund raising, political campaign promotions, service reminders, give reminders like EMI, insurance premium, medicine reminders, stock alerts, wakeup calls and insurance premium etc.


  • We consider real time reporting for measuring the response of the campaign
  • Mobile marketing in semi urban or rural parts of India is very effective
  • Voice messaging is handset independent, thus in universal reach
  • In regional language, it reaches out to large Indian audience
  • It’s a more personal way of communication, with great emotions and personal reach
  • We can set protocols at predefined date and time
  • Voice messages can be broadcasted instantly
  • Add a human touch to your mobile marketing
  • Make payment only for the calls which are successfully connected


  • The service is usage based – no setup fee, no subscription
  • In regional language, reaches out to the large target audience
  • State of the art cloud-based voicemail detection
  • Make payments only for recipients reached
  • Highly effective for mobile marketing in semi urban and rural parts of India
  • High emotional bonding with your clients
  • Go green by implementing electronic media
  • Personalized and contemporary technology
  • Messaging done in any language
  • High rate of outbound capacity
  • Reach landline and cell phone – people receive calls like a regular phone call!
  • Communicate with valued clients and free up agents to spend time by automating routine tasks, plus increase agent productivity
  • Proactive communication with customers reduces inbound calls to your contact centre
  • Boosts up branding campaigns
  • Strengthens business stability
  • Increase team building
  • Staff efficiency is increased
  • Positive customer relation is increased
  • Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) is established
  • Augments Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Referrals are encouraged
  • Other marketing campaigns are reinforced
  • Offers a means for accurate, timely dissemination of information